University Portfolio Competition

  2018 Bluelake Partners
  University Portfolio   Competition

Competition commences
     March 2018

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Competition summary
Competition Summary

The annual BlueLake Partners University Portfolio Competition is a sophisticated and challenging stock market simulator operating on real ASX300 data. Upon registration, participants are provided with a virtual $200,000 in their own simulated stock trading account with which they can trade shares from the ASX300. Participants may also borrow an additional $50,000 if needed.

With free registration, the BlueLake Partners University Portfolio Competition offers students from 39 universities across Australia the unique opportunity to experience the financial markets first-hand and to develop their skills and knowledge in equities trading. The TradingPlaces website also includes an eleven module ASX Equities Education course for students to improve their understanding of the markets. In addition to these benefits, the Competition also boasts an impressive cash prize pool for participants who conquer the markets.

The 2016 Competition will run for a period of 6 weeks, opening on Monday the 04th of April and concluding on Friday the 13th of May.

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BlueLake Partners is an equity trading and investment company based in Sydney, Australia, with active operations in Equities and Derivatives. The 2016 Bluelake Partners University Portfolio Competition allows Australian undergraduate university students the opportunity to showcase their trading and investment skills in a bid for potential career and networking opportunities, as well as great prizes.