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     March 2018

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2010 J.P. Morgan Portfolio Competition   
(22 March - 14 May)         
With over 8800 university students registering from across Australia, the 2010 Competition generated the highest average rate of return in the Competition's history!

The Competition was held for eight weeks from 22 March to 14 May 2010, and saw our top participant make more than a 25% increase on the base virtual equity of $200,000 by buying and selling from the ASX300. With share prices updated continuously, comprehensive stock information and weekly market wraps, the J.P. Morgan Portfolio competition remains the most sophisticated of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

The 2010 Prize Pool of $10,000 was split as follows:
$4,500 for the winner;
$2,000 for 2nd;
$1,500 for 3rd; and
$300 each for 4th to 10th place winners.
Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner!
Nathan Howe
University of Western Australia

"My strategy of creating a very high risk portfolio was achieved by holding a small number of companies with volatile prices, leveraging significantly and investing in a single industry to increase the beta of my portfolio. After deciding to focus on the energy sector I identified a list of potential companies and bought when the share price fell strongly relative to the market. I sold after positive news announcements or days of relatively strong performance. I later shifted my funds to the metals sector just prior to the announcement of the Resource Super Profits Tax. My portfolio value decreased significantly, however, I continued to buy as prices fell and in the final days was able to overtake the competition leaders who had converted their positions to cash. I thank TradingPlaces for providing a fantastic platform for students to explore their interest in the share market and the opportunity to network with industry professionals."
Congratulations to the Top 10 Prize Winners
RankName Equity ($)University
1Nathan Howe 258,249University of Western Australia
2Michael Tsouroutis 248,181Monash University
3James Shepherd 247,912Australian National University
4Damon Holmes 241,259Queensland University of Technology
5Jasdeep Jassar 240,288Bond University
6Bhavik Jeena 239,756Macquarie University
7Jonathan Tiang 236,758University of Wollongong
8Dixi Zhu 235,306Macquarie University
9Jason Paul Skinner 233,299University of Western Australia
10Wai Chon Ho 232,618Deakin University
Weekly Quiz Winners
 Name University
Week 1Shaun Madigan University of Queensland
Week 2Caly Yang University of Sydney
Week 3Krassen Ratchev University of Western Australia
Week 4Kristina Coffey University of Technology, Sydney
Week 5Ben Chan Macquarie University
Week 6Andrew Simon University of Sydney
Week 7Nushrat Khan University of Sydney
Top Weekly Traders
 Name Equity Gained ($)University
Week 1Daniel Rigney 31,346University of Wollongong
Week 2Herman Gorbatovskii 26,612Macquarie University
Week 3Wei Gen Ng 48,930University of Western Australia
Week 4Akil Shajahan 23,001La Trobe University
Week 5Xichen Wang 21,856University of New South Wales
Week 6Madelaine Holt 7,919University of Tasmania
Week 7Jonathan Tiang 13,957University of Wollongong
Week 8Nathan Howe 47,634University of Western Australia
Thank You
A big thank you to all the student society promoters and staff who helped promote the Competition this year.

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BlueLake Partners is an equity trading and investment company based in Sydney, Australia, with active operations in Equities and Derivatives. The 2016 Bluelake Partners University Portfolio Competition allows Australian undergraduate university students the opportunity to showcase their trading and investment skills in a bid for potential career and networking opportunities, as well as great prizes.