2014 DCM BlueLake
  Portfolio Competition

Competition commences      March 31, 2014
Competition ends         May 23, 2014     

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A competition for Post Graduate Students.   more info...

In 2013 TradingPlaces introduced the DCM BlueLake Quant Comp- our first advanced Quantitative Trading Competition offered exclusively to Honours and Masters students from the fields of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Engineering. Due to its success in 2013, we are excited to reoffer this challenge in 2014!

This challenging new Competition gives students with an aptitude for analytics and programming the opportunity to apply their skills in a real-world application. Participants are provided with an official data source to analyse and construct a quantitative trading model, utilising various statistical techniques and presenting their work in a final report.

The top 3 submissions will be rewarded generous cash prizes and the possibility of working in this field!

Stay tuned for Competition updates, remember participation is FREE!

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DCM BlueLake is an equity trading and investment company based in Sydney, Australia, with active operations in Equities and Derivatives. The 2014 DCM BlueLake Portfolio Competition allows Australian undergraduate university students the opportunity to showcase their trading and investment skills in a bid for potential career and networking opportunities, as well as great prizes.